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Anybody want to go skate next week?

Derby meet up TONIGHT!

We're planning to meet at the Espresso Royal by Krannert tonight at 8pm.
Come talk Derby, get to know some new people and let's get things rolling!

Look for the group with the stuffed Kermit the frog on the table
(hey, we needed someway to let you know you've got the right table! LOL)


Maybe meet with WCR skaters on Sunday?

Has anyone heard from meinterrupted recently? I haven't heard from her since around the time this was getting started, and I emailed her yesterday morning and have gotten no response. I'd usually give someone more time, but this is sort of a short-schedule thing.

It looks like a few of the WCR skaters (and possibly myself) are going down to C-U this Sunday, and would be happy to get together with you then. I don't know their schedule, or if the trip will really happen (the person they're going there to meet with will let us know today, apparently), but would any of you be available Sunday?

Meet up?

So its been a couple weeks. Are we still gonna give this a go? I say we shoot for a meet up sometime next week. Say Wednesday night at Espresso next the Krannert around 7:30? Sound good?


Hey there, when're we going to meet up? Also, I'm game for skating pretty much as soon as somebody volunteers to go with me (I mean, I may go by myself sometime soon too, but anyway).

Meet? Skate? Names?

So any decision on when to meet up? My vote is still for the 1st week in June since I will be away all next week.
Do we want to post info in other places to get some more (non-LJ) folks? Myspace? Facebook? Craigslist?

I'd love to go skating when I get back to town. Maybe Sunday afternoon 6/1 if Skateland is open?  Any takers?

Is it too soon to have come up with a derby name for myself? Cuz I kind of did, LOL
Here is the site where you can check to see if the name you might want is already taken:


I really can't wait to meet all you ladies (and gents)! I know it's a holiday weekend, so I wouldn't suggest meeting until at least Tuesday. Is there a day and time that works for the majority of us?

I know I'm for sure free on Tuesday, but other than that, it's up in the air.


I found this on YouTube, but they were all linked in a nice order on their original site, www.expertvillage.com

How to Play Roller Derby


One more link

Here's another good "basic rules" rundown. In the sidebar there is a short video. Also in the rules section there is a neat a flash animation of the start of a jam.

Ok, that is all for tonight. Promise. ;)

Edit to add: Well no one told me I forgot the frackin' link! LOL



A cool video

Hi all!

I'm excited about this group and hope we can get something going in CU. I was poking around online for roller derby info and I found this neat YouTube video explaining the mechanics of a bout using computer animated roller girls.


Just thought I'd share.
You'll be hearing more from me I'm sure. :)